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Smell Coffee For Healthy Benefits

September 23, 2009 by Bethany Ramos

Smell CoffeeDid you know that if you just take a sniff of your Java that it will provide healthy antioxidant benefits? Studies have proven that drinking coffee provides antioxidant benefits to your body that can protect you from premature age and disease, but sniffing your Java can also offer antioxidant properties to combat the damaging effects of stress in your body’s cells.

Medicinal scents have been used over time in ancient cultures, such as the Chinese, Hebrew, and Roman. Sniffing a certain scent has the ability to directly affect the emotions and behavior in your body, as well as your short-term memory. A study was conducted on rats recently that did show that the rats’ protein levels increased when they simply smelled roasted coffee, which provided them with antioxidant benefits to protect their cells from stress.

To conclude, not only can you drink your coffee for healthy benefits, but you can also sniff its delightful aromas to shield your body from free radical damage through healthful antioxidant protection!

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