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PetSpresso Dog Shampoo

PetSpresso Dog Shampoo

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PetSpresso is the newest innovation for all coffee lovers and dog lovers on the market: a natural dog shampoo that contains real coffee grounds.

PetSpresso is designed to gently care for your dog's coat due to the simple fact that real coffee grounds neutralize stubborn pet odors. Even better, these real coffee grounds will help to exfoliate your dog's coat to soothe dry skin.

PetSpresso is a foaming dog shampoo designed for all breeds with gentle ingredients, which will neutralize odors and reduce dryness in a dog’s coat through the natural use of coffee grounds. This is the ideal alternative to many of the harsh chemical pet care products as an eco-friendly choice for dog lovers and coffee lovers alike.

Real coffee grounds are the leading ingredient, along with natural vitamins A, C, and E to offer antioxidant benefits to neutralize free radical damage caused by pollution, sun exposure, and stress. Shea butter is also a soothing ingredient used to moisturize the coat and skin, which will reduce itching and dryness caused by seasonal changes. Furthermore, PetSpresso is 100% alcohol free to heal sensitive skin and reduce flaking in the coat!

We are proud to offer this wonderful alternative to many of the chemical pet care products on the market to care for your beloved pooch. PetSpresso is a natural option that contains gentle ingredients to bathe your dog, and it will provide the further benefit of eliminating pet odor and soothing dry skin!

**PetSpresso is intended to be used on a weekly basis for both long and short hair breeds or to neutralize stubborn odors as needed. Before use, SHAKE VIGOROUSLY to mix fresh coffee grounds that may have settled in the shampoo.**

Ingredients: Deionized water, concentrated surfactant blend (soap and detergent free), vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, glycerin, glyceryl stearate, plant proteins, Shea butter, EGDS, EDTA sequestrant, proprietary blend of coat conditioners and skin moisturizers, DMDH hydantoin, fresh coffee grounds, hazelnut fragrance.

**Alcohol free
**Contains no animal by-products.

Q. Is it dangerous for my dog to ingest PetSpresso or drink the bathwater when using the shampoo? Isn't coffee toxic for dogs?
A. We are glad you asked! Coffee is not good for dogs, but it will not cause harm if it is ingested in very small amounts (i.e. lapping up a small amount of bathwater). When you compare this to a regular chemical dog shampoo, which a dog also should not eat or drink in the bathwater, it will cause much less harm if they were to accidentally ingest the shampoo. Besides the caffeine in the coffee, all of the rest of the ingredients are natural. Please do not allow your dog to eat this product or drink the bathwater, and for any concerns, contact your vet immediately.
Q. What if my dog is white? Won't coffee grounds stain my dog's white coat?
A. PetSpresso contains fresh, real coffee grounds that have not been brewed or cooked. For this reason, the coffee grounds will only neutralize odors and exfoliate the dry skin from your dog’s light or white fur, and they will not deposit any color to stain the coat.


Weight (pounds) 1.2300
Manufacturer The Coffee Bump

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